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Here at Texoma CC, we have select quality studs available for stud services at $1500. Occasionally we will work a pup-back deal on select gyps.


1.  When your gyp is in heat, the first step is to perform a progesterone test 7-10 days after the start to determine her optimal breeding schedule.


2. Contact us to check stud availability. We recommend leaving the female with us for at least a week.


3. Approximately 63 days after the breeding takes place  you will have a beautiful litter of puppies!


Ear cropping, though a personal decision for many owners, is one of the defining characteristics of the Cane Corso heritage.


There are 3 main reasons to perform this procedure:


  1. Aesthetic preference for the look/appearance of the dog.
  2. Practical / Functional consideration.
  3. Health Issues and concerns related to floppy un-cropped ears.

We will have ears cropped for additional charge of $300 if you so choose.


We understand that finding the perfect Cane Corso pup can be a difficult endeavor, so we work hard to ensure its safe delivery to their new home.


We will ship pups to anywhere in the continental USA for additional charge. This fee averages $350-$450.


Other options include hand delivering your pup within a reasonable distance from our location. For example, if you are from Houston we would plan to meet halfway in Dallas.



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